Life’s Fulfillment

I found out I was wrong in 2022. There are different roads that lead to fulfillment. I thought I needed to have a certain job title to feel special and accomplished. I was wrong. I thought I needed to have a certain model car to feel like I was finally somebody. I was wrong. I thought I needed to have a name-brand wardrobe that people could admire so I could feel like I belonged. I was wrong.

I am FINALLY at a stage where I just want to be comfortable. I have no one I’m trying to impress. THANK GOODNESS! It took long enough. I really am doing me in 2023. I am focusing on what motivates and inspires me.

I realized I feel the best when I’m writing, dancing, and creating. I want to explore how all three elevate me in every area of my life. What fulfills me is what excites me and makes me feel whole. 2023 is about taking care of your whole self. I plan to do that and I hope you do too.

Have you thought about where you have been neglectful to yourself? Take note of what you could do to change this. Make 2023 a good year.

How about taking this quiz and seeing where it takes you.


  1. What do you want to happen this year that will make you feel at your best?
  2. Are you feeling good about where you are in your career? Why or why not?
  3. Have you saved enough to feel comfortable just in case something unexpected happens?
  4. If something unexpected DID happen, do you think you are mentally at a place where you could handle it?
  5. Do you have a support system that will stand by you no what stage you are in?

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