Podcasts to check out for the New Year

I absolutely love podcasts. I listen to them on my way to work, on my lunch breaks, on vacation, and in the evenings before bed. I listen primarily to fun podcasts. I like to have something interesting to listen to in order to stay uplifted.

Have you listened to any entertaining podcasts that help you get through the day? If you haven’t done it before, I have ideas for you. I tried to find different types of podcasts that may be of interest to you all. Please check at least one out and get back to me! I would love to hear from you all.

I wanted to list podcasts that are my personal recommendations. I separated the podcasts into separate categories. Check it out.

MUSIC PODCASTS – These two are so enjoyable if you really appreciate the ins and outs of the music industry.

HUMOR PODCASTS – These two are my favorite types of humor.

EDUCATIONAL PODCASTS – It’s always nice to learn something new

HISTORY PODCASTS – History was one of my favorite subjects in school. I love when history is taught in a fun and interesting way. I love it even better when it turns into a conversation.

FINANCE PODCASTS – It’s a new year to learn more about how to make and save more money.

CHRISTIAN PODCASTS – I’m Christian so I love a good spiritual lesson.

MENTAL HEALTH PODCASTS – I’m a mental health advocate so I love these and share them with friends.

ENTERTAINING PODCASTS – I love a fun podcast. These are the podcasts I listen to on my breaks at work.

RELAXING PODCASTS – I listen to these before bed which helps me sleep.

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