2023 – In the Spirit of Creativity

I hope all of you enjoy your holiday season. I hope you have a fun time celebrating the New Year! This is my final post of the year. My only hope for myself and others is that 2023 will offer better health, clarity, love, enjoyment, solitude, and peace of mind. I pray you all to be covered in blessing upon blessing.

My blog will have a new theme for the year: In the Spirit of Creativity. My plan is to post every Thursday. I will post intermittently (no set schedule) during the weekend as well. Please stay tuned because I have a very different vibe planned for 2023. I want it to be a fun, uplifting, and informative blog. I will not abandon mental health. Mental Health awareness is needed more and more each day. I will write posts that will help with ways to express yourself as you go through therapy. I want it to be the kind of blog that truly inspires creativity. I’m trying to get inspired on some new projects and I want you all to join me.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Please check out the New Playlist that will cover January and February 2023. Enjoy! Start a new project while you listen to the playlist.

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