Favorite Book Covers – Christmas Gift Edition

Hey All!

I wanted to let you all know that if you are still on the lookout for gifts – I have an idea for you. I am always trying to gift books. I also have a challenge for you all. How about a gift of some books based on a cool book cover?

The challenge is this: pick a theme (let’s say healthy cooking or repairing family relationships). Now you can either go to a local bookstore (not a chain bookstore) or go online and pick a locally owned bookstore close to your area. I am not against chain bookstores, but for a Christmas gift, I think it’s a good idea to support locally-owned businesses. Let’s try to get our money to circulate in our own communities. Type in these themes and see what pops up. You are not allowed to read anything else about the book beyond the back cover. You can’t read the reviews or anything. You can’t read the first page. Once you find a book that seems a bit interesting now you judge the cover. If the cover is cool enough you can pick that book. The cover is what HAS to be special. The cover seals the deal.

My challenge is going to be harder. I won’t even look at the book description. I am going to just pick 16 books I like based on the cover. Do you think you can do that for a book lover? Another challenge (if you are up to it) is to use your friend or family member’s favorite color and pick a cover that is both beautiful or cool but also features their favorite color as the main color.

Check out what I found doing the challenge. I picked 16 book covers from books published in 2022. I found covers I love and maybe you can get some ideas from what I found. Good luck and have fun!

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