Just to Feel My Love

Growth. This year has been nothing but lesson after lesson after lesson for me. What about you all?

What did you learn about yourself this year? What do you know for sure you would do differently next year?

Did you lose any friendships? Did a relationship end? Has a promising relationship started?

Did you realize you aren’t in the right job?

Do you feel unfulfilled?

Have you lost a loved one? Or two? Or many?

I’m sorry if you did lose anyone. I lost several loved ones this year too. It was a hard year.

I learned some of the hardest lessons of my life this year. I am still learning. I am still growing. I am still evolving. I am still praying for love, grace, patience, and guidance. I went through hurt, pain, embarrassment, shame, etc. Yet, even when we fall we have to get back up.

My prayer for all of you reading my blog is that in the new year you will be blessed with at least one thing you truly desire. You deserve it. We all deserve at least one thing we have admired for a long time. I want that for myself and all of you!


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