Love of Gifting Baskets *2022 Edition*

No one can ever go wrong with giving someone a gift basket. Gift-giving is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. I also like giving others ideas that I learned over time. If you haven’t gotten your gifts together for the holidays yet, I may be able to help you out. Check out the gift baskets below.

So, this year I want to share some gift basket ideas I learned from others. I found 8 gift baskets via Pinterest I want to share that I think others will enjoy. I am also sharing 4 of my own gift basket ideas. Have fun 🎄🎁

My own baskets that I would create would be******

The book basket with a bookmark they would love, a book about their favorite hobby, a fun magnet, some cool pens, and a colorful mug.

The candle basket featuring candles that represent what you know the recipient loves about each season. This means you would have to know about the person…and it makes it more fun.

The popcorn basket from a great popcorn store *where I live there is a place called The  Popcorn Station. I love popcorn, so I LOVE that place. They have over 30 flavors such as Dill  Pickle, Strawberry, Franks Hot Sauce, and Fruit Rainbow. You could gift a nice basket to a friend and give them at least 2 flavors besides the typical butter, caramel, or cheddar. Make sure to include a drink too (a soda or juice) in the basket.

The socks basket with one pair of funny/novelty socks, an inspirational message sock, traditional Christmas/ holiday socks, and some nice slippers.

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