Writing projects and merchandise set for 2023

Hello All!

I wanted to share my most updated news. I want to start off by reminding people to go to Amazon and pick up a copy of my novella Descent. It is a quick read. It is totally fiction and suspenseful. This is the link to Descent (click on the hyperlink).

I am really excited about publishing my first journal. It will be a guided journal with images, new poetry written by me, notes, and prompts to get you started. The journal will be a mindfulness-type journal and it will focus on helping you better yourself within 60 days. The journal will be available on Amazon.com starting on February 7, 2023.

I will also sell stickers and two different t-shirts that will be connected (but sold separately) from the journals. The merchandise will be available around the same time. I will make another announcement about it soon.

There is one more big announcement. Guess what?

I will be releasing a special 5th Anniversary Edition of Just A Unicorn in October 2023. I still can’t believe next year will be the 5th anniversary of me publishing my first book. It was a dream come true. This will be an updated version with some images, new poetry, and additional information. It will not be a completely new book but just a book with some major updates. This will be the final edition of my nonfiction book. Some of you may not be aware, but Just A Unicorn was my FIRST book. It was my baby of 2018. The book is about my life. It is completely nonfiction and I share some parts of my story to help others navigate through some growing pains. The book would be categorized under inspirational and I would recommend it mostly for young ladies between 16-25. The book is for anyone to read, but those are the ages I specifically think would be the most inspired and empowered.

I am so excited about these projects coming in 2023. Please keep these projects on your radar. My 2023 will consist of promoting my book, Descent, my guided journal/merchandise, and then the 5th anniversary edition of Just A Unicorn.

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