Special Project Coming – Releasing February 7, 2023!

The project I am excited to reveal is my first workbook/guided journal. I have been working to release a guided journal for years. I decided I would wait until I wrote my books before releasing these journals.

I plan to release my first guided journal on February 7, 2023! I think guided journals are great to use at the beginning of a new year. This guided journal can be used at any time, but it’s just something about a new year that makes you want a fresh start.

This first guided journal’s theme will be mindfulness. There will be questions you can answer that will help guide you through 60 days. Yes, this journal is a 60 day mindfulness journal. It will include some playlists, inspirational messages, and some prompts. The cool part is that even though it is a 60 day journal, you can still pick it up at any time and go through the prompts again and again.

Sometimes, how we are feeling in February may be different by June and it’s OK. None of the information will expire so you can still go back through it at different times. I look at it like a boot camp. You have 60 days to learn a lot of new information.

I am excited for people to do the guided journal. I really believe it will be helpful to many people.

More details to come.

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