Love will never do without you

Writing wasn’t my first love. My first love was dancing. I thought I would grow up to be a professional dancer though I never took lessons.

It’s interesting how in life we grow more into something that we thought we hated at one time. I hated writing for a long time. Many people don’t realize I didn’t always want to be a writer.

I loved reading but hated writing. I felt discouraged because grammar didn’t come natural to me. I loved words, but me trying to fit cool words into a cohesive sentence was not as easy as it seems. I realize now I was struggling with structure. I hated structure.

Poetry was what felt the most familiar to me. I recognized myself the most in poets. Poets were doing the work I didn’t know writers could do. I discovered free verse one day and it opened my mind forever.

Free verse is what made me start writing poetry. I tackled short stories a little later. Poetry was my introduction into becoming a person who wanted to write for fun.

I’m still growing as a writer. I still have lots to learn. The best part is that I want to learn. I was discouraged from wanted to learn a few years ago. I just wanted to quit. I never thought me writing poetry or fiction would ever turn into any anything.

I had a friend who encouraged me to keep going which led to my first book. I had given up on writing books until they told me I could do it.

I’m glad I didn’t give up on writing completely. The last five years have taught me more about myself and my writing than any other time in my life.

I have done a ton of growth work in these last five years and it’s been exhausting. Exhausting but informative.

I hope to continue on the journey. I am releasing my last full-length book this week. I don’t know where I’m going after this. I feel like God will let me know soon.

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