Descent is a novella. A novella is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. This novella had been on my mind since 2020. I have written so many different versions of this story.

What I can say is that I knew I wanted to write an intergenerational story. I didn’t know HOW I was going to write it. The main goal was that this novella not be too formulaic. I wanted it to have some twists and turns.

The story takes place basically in the course of a day. The Reed family is a middle-class black family from Louisville, Kentucky. They are celebrating the matriarch’s 75th birthday. The family is excited to come together again. The birthday celebration does open up some old wounds.

Please purchase for yourself or as a gift on November 4. 📣🎉💜

There will be no spoilers. The novella is intended for an audience over the age of 16. Please read the book for yourself. The book is short and can be read in one sitting.

Also, just to make it clear – this book is not just for women. Descent covers family members from different decades and examines how those stories are still impacting their descendants. This novella was written by me – Lisa R. Cox

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