Celebrate ALL the Milestones

I don’t want to get too emotional in this post. All I can say is that the past two weeks have been very tough. This is why I want to make it clear that life is short and celebrate ALL your wins! All of them.

I’m trying to do better with this myself. The past two weeks made me realize I have to really love on myself a bit more. I will love so so much deeper now. I will express it more. The little milestones are still milestones. We need to appreciate all of our accomplishments. There should be more joy when we make ourselves proud.

Tomorrow is not promised. It really is not. I’m sorry to get emotional for a moment but this is important.

When you do something that makes you feel good about yourself… go celebrate. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you treating yourself to some ice cream. Love on yourself more!!! Tell yourself you did a good job. You don’t even have to wait on someone else to say anything to you.

Life is mysterious. You never know if that achievement you had may be your last day on Earth. You may have been preparing yourself to reach some amazing goals in three months. Wonderful. Yet, don’t focus all your energy on that goal or event coming in three months. Who is to say you will still be around in three months? Hopefully, you will be. I pray you all will be.

Life is so mysterious that things happen all the time we don’t plan for and we have to be prepared. The best advice I can give anyone at this point is to enjoy each day as if it is your last. Celebrate your little and big wins and show gratitude.

I am celebrating the release of my new book coming out on November 4. I will be celebrating this goal ALL THIS WEEK! I am excited because this is a passion project and the last fiction book I plan to publish. I will continue to write my blog and focus my energy on other areas.

The book is a suspenseful book with twists and turns. It is an intergenerational story about a black family from Louisville, KY but it’s not about a black family. Anyone can read it and enjoy it. I pray it will be received well after it comes out. I want a good reception for the book, but I’m also already celebrating just because I know what work I put into this book. I’m celebrating this milestone just for me! I want you all to have that attitude toward your projects too.

peace and blessings.

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