Update on November 4 Book Part I

This is a short but necessary post.

I learned in the past six months that a lot of us don’t really have conversations with our heart. We really don’t. We aren’t honest with our heart. We know what we want but are afraid to SAY what we want aloud out of fear or rejection, etc. Have you ever done that with a business idea? You didn’t say much about it at first because you were afraid people were going to say it was a bad idea? I’ve been there before.

I went back and forth over writing the novella coming out on November 4. I had no intentions of writing a novella. Yet, something kept telling me to write one more book of fiction. It was fun. I’m glad I moved forward with it.

Now it’s about to be released on Friday, November 4. It was definitely an experiment. I wrote in a way that I have never written and it was all new to me. I was scared. I was scared to write a book that I thought people just wouldn’t understand. I had to wade past the fear and stay on track.

I’m telling you all this because I hope it encourages you to move forward with a project that you may have set aside. If you have a project that you think can really be informative, fun, or educational – revisit it. Talk to some of your peers to see what they say about it. Get out of your own head a bit more. (I’m learning this too).

I will have another update about the book that will be posted soon. Stay updated on all news on this site.

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