What do you put the most energy toward? Is it work/business ventures or relationships with people? I have been in many spaces lately that have forced me to contemplate this question. I have had to face the fact that life is short. Yes, I knew it was short before, but now I really understand how short life is. So much of my time and energy recently has been spent building a career.

Time is not always on our side. It’s a sad reality. The other sad part to reality is that when you push so much to one side, you neglect the other side filled with people. People who want to get closer and form lasting bonds.

My hope is to do a better job of putting energy into my relationships with people. I really do enjoy my friendships. It takes works though. The older you get, it takes more energy and work to keep growing a friendship. It takes more work and energy to maintain a relationship or even stay in touch with family.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m learning that my priorities need to shift a bit. I have to learn to be more accountable. I have to step into what what “energy” really means to me. I’m on a new plan for myself.

Who deserves my attention and energy?

Have you asked yourself this question lately?

Let’s be clear on something. Everyone does not deserve your energy. They don’t deserve your time. It’s OK to admit that to yourself without feeling guilty. YOU decide who you want to put your energy into. No one else gets to decide and that includes some family members. Toxic people are all over.

Don’t feed toxic people! Don’t give them any energy.

Retain your energy for all the goodness you deserve. Retain energy for the good people who want to love you. Retain energy for those who want to pour into your cup and not watch you just deplete.

Peace and Blessings!

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