My Top 2 “Love” languages

There are 5 main love languages. This is something I discovered about ten years ago from the book by Dr. Gary Chapman. I bought the book but didn’t read it for years.

I finally read the book about three years ago. I learned a lot from it. The book taught me alot more about what to look for in any type of relationship.

I recently looked at the book again and took the quiz. I learned my Top 2 love languages. The interesting part about it is that my top love languages changed from three years ago. I grew so much in three years and didn’t know it until this quiz.

The quiz taught me that my Top 2 love languages are: ((1)) Words of Affirmation and ((2)) Acts of Service. If I listed my love languages in order after that it would be: Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Receiving Gifts (please don’t think I don’t like receiving gifts. It’s just a bit lower compared to these others). I prefer a card, poem, or handmade gift over anything. I love things like that.

Quality Time changed the most for me in three years. It used to be last. The point is that I think it’s important for people to know where they are with this list before expanding a friendship or starting a relationship. Also, be consistent. If you start off with giving gifts you have to maintain that throughout the relationship. Is that something you want to do? It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive gifts though. I’m one of those people who still appreciate cards in the mail or handmade items.

I think it’s important to talk about love languages with our close friends and in our relationships so we understand expectations.

Many people are married and don’t even understand their spouses wants and needs because they haven’t had this discussion yet.

It’s a helpful tool to also deal with family members. I just wanted to put the reminder out there. Check it out for yourself.

4 Replies to “My Top 2 “Love” languages”

  1. This is so important in maintaining relationships. I think that’s maybe why some relationships are so short – “She didn’t appreciate all the ‘effort’ I put in” or “He didn’t appreciate all the time I gave him.” If people talked about their needs more, the other person would understand what they need to do to make them happy, since this can really differ between people. My top 2 are quality time and acts of service. 🙂 They used to be words of affirmation and gift giving lol.

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