Goals for Novella

This novella is my dream come true as a writer. I have always wanted to write a black Gothic-fantasy tale. I just never knew how to start this project. I finally realized after talking to people that I could tell this tale. I DID have it in me to write this book.

I had no interest in writing another book until a year ago. I had so many people approaching me about my next book. Everyone wanted to know when I was going to write another book. I just didn’t want to write another book. I thought I said everything I needed to say. I gave it a lot of thought and realized I did still want to tell one last story. The story I had been wanting to tell for many years but didn’t know how to do it. I felt the desire that I needed to finally JUST DO IT!

My hope is that my fictional story is enjoyable for many people. It’s not necessarily a “black people” story, so I hope that it being about a black family doesn’t keep certain people away. It’s for everybody. It’s for anyone that enjoys fiction. It’s for anyone that enjoys stories about families. It’s for anyone that likes to talk about different generations. It’s a story for anyone that likes thought-provoking fiction.

The goal is to focus on really promoting this book since it is my final full-length book. My goal is to spend the second part of 2022 promoting this book once it is out. I will be creating a lot of content to market this book – so be ready to check it all out! It’s coming!

Please comment below with any questions about the book. I will try to answer as best as I can without giving away the story.

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