One More Tale…

Hey All! I’m back.

This will be a short post. This post is just me putting out there that I have a novella coming out soon. It will be my first and last novella. It will be my final full-length book. I felt the desire to write one more tale. I always wanted to write a book with some Gothic-fantasy elements. The novella I am writing now falls under that category.

The novella is about a black family from Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville location is not a significant part of the story. It’s a tale about this family where one of the family members has major secrets. This secret comes out eventually but how does it affect the rest of the family? The book will explore this.

Every post in July will cover goals for this book, some marketing plans, and future events surrounding this book coming out. I post every Sunday and all the posts will have some connection to this book.

I’m excited about this book coming out. I don’t have a release date yet. I will make an announcement when it gets to that point. The novella WILL be released before the end of the year.

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