Unicorn Says Series II

Welcome to the Unicorn Says Series.

This month I will share some excerpts from my nonfiction book titled Just A Unicorn. The book was self-published in 2018. It was a passion project that started in 2016. I wrote the book to encourage, educate, and empower. My book can be found on Amazon.com or be purchased at a wonderful store called Work the Metal if you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

The first several chapters of my book conclude with Making the Connection Questions. These questions are for the reader to ask themselves. I will include some of these questions throughout the series as well.

My hope is to encourage everyone to actually buy and read the book. I really do hope some of you do. If you do purchase – please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about it.


Excerpt from Chapter 7 – You Are Uniquely You

Stop the Self-Injuries

What if all of your pain and insecurities stared back at you in the mirror? Every day you would see a new bruise or scar around your cheek representing a new injury. How would you feel?

Not great. You wouldn’t feel great at all. What happened is that you injured yourself. We all do it. We just do not recognize it because it is not something others can see.

We beat ourselves up. We beat ourselves up by eating too much or too little to fit into society’s view of beauty. We beat ourselves up by joking about how ugly we are first just so no one else can beat us to the punch.

Please stop beating yourself up! It is not healthy. You should be the main person in your own corner. Fight for you!

Making the Connection

(1) What “quirky” behavior do you fantasize about doing in public? Have you tried it in reality? Have you ever been embarrassed to show your silly nature around those who don’t know you well?

*My fantasy is jumping on tables and dancing like in musicals.

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