I’m Red All Over!

It’s Game Night Time!

Have you hosted or participated in a game night? It can be so much fun with friends, family, or coworkers. I have some ideas for a fun time.

Game Nights are best with 4-8 people so think about who you want to invite. Please make sure to invite those you think will have the most fun with this experience. I also suggest putting out some red velvet cupcakes for treats. The following four games deal with the color red.

Let’s start here: everyone who joins Game Night has to come dressed in some type of red. Just for brownie points… wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater from December.

Do you find yourself paying attention to items that are red when you go to the grocery? Or out shopping for clothes? If you haven’t in the past then this is the time to start.

  • “It’s Red All Over” Game. The host picks out 10 items way before the game starts. Maybe they already had the items or they just bought them. Anyway, everyone is given three clues and they have to figure out what the item is. Whoever correctly picks the item, will receive the item. Examples of items can be: apples, teapot, canister, decorative bottle, or some type of red candy (like Twizzlers or Red Vines).
  • “Who In the Room” Game. There is an actual game with questions that you can buy or make up your own questions. If you make up your own version, I would suggest coming up with at least 40 questions. It doesn’t mean you will get through all 40, but it’s just enough questions to have on deck depending on how the game flows. The point of the game is kind of simple. The host asks a question, and everyone has to guess who they think the question applies to. For example, one of the boxed questions is…Who in the room has the highest tolerance for spicy food? The good part about games like these are that you can really make up your own questions and tailor them to your theme. Remember, our theme is the color red. So, a good question could be: Who in the room would most likely wear red suede shoes? Depending on the types of family and friends you have – you can really go deeper with the questions.
  • “That’s My Song” Game. This is a fun game where you all get in at least two groups. The groups have to battle it out for the best written song. Each group writes the lyrics to their song and then sing it. In some way, the word red has to be incorporated into the song.
  • “Press Conference Game”. Someone holds a “press conference” and the other guests ask them questions. The fun part is that they are answering questions pretending to be someone else and the guests have to figure out who they are “acting” as. The person they are pretending to be can be someone in the room (this depends on the personalities of your friends or family. Would they be upset with this? If so…don’t try to upset them). Or they can imitate a celebrity. Of course at least one of the answers to the question has to incorporate red into it. For example, one of the questions can be: what type of Lexus did you just buy? The answer could simply be: That red one! Haha.


Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

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