Red Book Cover Challenge!

Winter is the perfect time for book reading. I enjoy my own book club sessions, particularly in the winter months. We get to sit around chatting about our lives, drink tea, and then talk about our latest book.

I have never done this myself but now I want to do it. This month’s theme is All Things I thought a Red Book Challenge would be fun!

What you have to do this week is read a book with a red cover. Simple. It doesn’t have to be a long book. It can even be a YA (Young Adult) or classic children’s book. It doesn’t matter…it just has to have a red cover. You have until the end of the month to complete this challenge. Do this with your friends or your book club! You get bonus points if you read more than one book by 11:55 pm on Monday, February 28.

If you do this with friends or a book club, I do want you all to discuss the books even if you end up not liking some of them. It’s all for fun! This book challenge can still be applicable with other colors throughout the year. Have fun with it!

Red Book Cover Suggestions:

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