Little Known Black History

Happy Black History Month!

I wanted to share some Black History Facts that aren’t shared in schools and in the media. I am a fan of history so I love talking about all cultures. Yet, as an American, I do talk more about the environment in which I grew up.

I am going to sound so ignorant saying this, but I wasn’t aware there were black cowboys. In fact, black cowboys were very common. I recently started to go down this rabbit hole to learn more about this interesting part of American history not known to me. According to this article, one in four cowboys were black:

I had always wanted to know who was the first black physician in the US. I was amazed to learn of the accomplishments of Dr. James McCune Smith. He is a person who needs to be studied more.

Sarah Rector’s story is one of the most incredible stories I had ever heard. I was both happy and sad about her life. This is the kind of story that needs to be a film. Please read here:

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