Website Update…is this the end?!

Hey All!

I hope you are doing well this third day of February 2022! I know there are ice storms in different parts of the United States. I hope everyone is being safe.

I want to share an update concerning my website. It is something that has been on my mind for a while, but I didn’t want to share anything until I knew for sure what the future held.

I feel comfortable officially announcing that this will be the last year I will do the blog on a regular basis. The website itself will remain past 2022. The website will just have a different focus and be more of a consistent standing website, and less about the blog itself.

The real issue is that I am forever changing (as many of us are). I am growing in many ways. My growth has made me realize I want to address different topics. My goals are changing. My focus at this point in my life is to help people heal. That’s it! Help people heal. The past two years have helped me finally come to this conclusion. I have had many thoughts, conversations, and prayers over this.

Whatever I do with my life, my career, my website moving forward…all of it will be dedicated to helping people heal.

The topics I want to address will be related to psychology and education. I want to be clear that it won’t be dull or anything. There are many, many topics that fall under the umbrella of psychology and education. Entertainment still falls under those umbrellas.

I currently post every Sunday and a few other times in the week when I feel it is necessary. I feel like the landscape for blogging has changed so much. The purpose of the blog doesn’t seem to be as clear lately. I am working on material for a different type of platform. I will keep you all updated…but you have to stay subscribed to get all the information.


  • The website itself will remain past 2022. It will remain a consistent presence for me to share news about my books, upcoming projects, etc and less about the blog itself.
  • I will still have the website in 2023, but it will be a different experience. Please still stay subscribed to the blog – because I will still post. I just won’t post on a “regular” basis. It will be a website that is more as a central location for people to come to for information and less of a “blog”.

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