Spreading love is easy.

All you have to do is write kind notes to people. Give hugs.

It really is that simple.

  1. Spread LOVE. Say nice things to people. Give friendly notes to coworkers. Tell your parents you appreciae them. Call your friends for a good laugh. Donate.

I live in Louisville, KY. In December 2021, in certain parts of KY (places close to and around the Bowling Green area), there were terrible tornadoes that ripped through cities. These communities lost everything. It will take them a long time to rebuild. Several food trucks in Louisville traveled down to these cities to feed the people for free. This is the definition of spreading love.

Instead of giving an old instrument away because you don’t play it anymore (saxophone/clarinet/flute)…give it to a child that you think would love it. If you don’t know anyone who would love it, then donate it to a music school.

I love when I hear about people giving out free piano lessons, dance lessons, or foreign language lessons to kids. I don’t expect people to do that year-round because I know they have bills to pay but if they can offer it for a few weeks a year it would benefit so many kids. Maybe provide spots for 10-15 kids to get free lessons during a certain month each year or twice a year (Spring and Fall seasons).

Public libraries and some colleges/universities also hold free lessons/training for different areas of interest. I would look into those for yourself or if you have children. If you are good at something that you can teach others – that’s another way to spread love. Spreading love is about giving of your time and not just throwing money at people.

I also encourage volunteering at nursing homes. I volunteered at a nursing home in college and it was a wonderful experience. Every day they had a different activity for the residents. I volunteered every Tuesday and Thursday. I helped with the entertainment activities. Thursdays were my favorite. On Thursdays, we would do a “Blast From the Past” day. They would show old pictures to the residents and they loved it. They loved talking about the jobs they did when they were younger (some of them were nurses and professors). Their faces would light up when they talked about what kind of cars they drove, how much they loved to dance and go to parties.

On Tuesdays, we had a musical hour. The residents loved music! Someone would play the piano and we would sing songs from mostly the 1940s and 1950s. Some of my favorite stories were from some of the women. They had such pride talking about being first in their classes or being the first woman to graduate from a certain college. I admire what those women accomplished so I can now do the jobs I enjoy.

Spreading Love is volunteering at animal shelters. Animals need love too.

Check out the Spread Love photo gallery I created:


Peace and Blessings.

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