Take Care of Your Spirit

This one is a hard one. It is so important to surround yourself with people who will build you up. The best people are the ones who see the best in you and want you to move based on the good in you. Do not move in fear and trepidation. It takes time to get there. I understand. I am a work in progress myself.

The ones you want around you are the ones who will protect your spirit. They will lift you up in prayer. They will pray for and with you. They will protect your space. They will give you the space you need when you need rest from the world. They understand when you are going through challenging times. They understand your mistakes. They offer you GRACE.

They will show you LOVE. Love is an action word. They will show you LOVE by what they do and don’t do. What I mean by that is – they will understand your needs and wants without you saying much. They won’t be selfish. They will understand YOUR time is YOUR time. Your feelings are YOUR feelings. They won’t make you feel guilty about YOU feeling your feelings.

YOU feeling your feelings might look like crying. YOU feeling your feelings might be seeking something to laugh about (a good comedy show). YOU feelings your feelings might be eating some right-out-of-the-oven cookies and sharing tea with a friend.

I know some of you may not be Christian, but it doesn’t take being a Christian to meditate and focus. Take a moment. Sit on the rug on your floor. Close your eyes and just say “thank you”. Do some deep breathing. Focus on all the good in your life. It takes no money to be grateful for what you have.

Go to the Water

Some people like to go to a body of water to pray or meditate because that’s where they feel close to God. I think it has a lot to do with being baptized. I was immersed when I was baptized at 15. I remember that day so well. I was so nervous. Yet, I felt good. I knew God was with me. I knew I was making one of the best decisions of my life. I was going to be a servant of God.

Water makes you feel renewed. You feel fresh and clean. You feel like you can go out in the world and try again.


Focus on what you have and also focus on what you want in the future. Breath in and breath out. Give yourself time to heal from 2020 and 2021. They were hard years. You got it this time around. Better is coming!

I believe spiritual self-care is essential. I wish more people understood the beauty of it.

Spread LOVE. Say nice things to people. Give friendly notes to coworkers. Tell your parents you appreciate them. Call your friends for a good laugh. Donate/give back to underprivileged children or underserved communities.

I wish you all well! Much love until next week.

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