Mood II (New Beginnings)

January is here. The holidays are over. The end of December going into January is glorious and tiring and lovely. The end of last year was difficult, painful, and entertaining.

This month we are celebrating a new year. We are celebrating 2022. We are celebrating victories. We are celebrating life. We are moving forward. We have goals.

We know it’s all about BUILDING A BETTER YOU!

Yes, BUILDING A BETTER YOU is the theme for this month on my site! Yay!!! Give it up for yourselves for making it this far.

I will have a new post each Sunday in January with this theme in mind. Please come check out each post. I would suggest subscribing to this site so you can always stay on top of new posts.

How To Build A Better You

  1. Take care of your spirit. Surround yourself with people who will only build you up. Do not allow people who are unkind, not generous, and not well-meaning to occupy space in your realm. Also, be prepared to hear the truth from the people who really do care about you. Be receptive to those who want to see you be the best you can be and provide constructive criticsm. Show gratitude. Say I love you to those you truly love and show them LOVE. Love is an action word. I’m a Christian. Read your Bible. So, I would also say pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. I know some people meditate and that’s good too.
  2. Focus on your mental health. Take mental health checks. Rest your mind when you need to. I know sometimes too mch negativity can get you down. It’s OK. Take a break from social media or other people when you need to.
  3. Body Matters. Eat right. Drink your water. Take your vitamins. Move your body. Exercise. Do your stretches. Give hugs. Smile more.
  4. Keep Learning. Never stop educating yourself. NEVER. You don’t have to be in a classroom to do it either. Educate yourself on financial literacy, educate yourself on car maintenance, whatever it is that you need to know to build a better you.
  5. Spread LOVE. Say nice things to people. Give friendly notes to coworkers. Tell your parents you appreciae them. Call your friends for a good laugh. Donate/give back to your community/underprivledged children or underserved communities.

We will explore all of the above in more detail in the upcoming posts every Sunday in January.

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Body Matters

Our body gets us from Point A to Point B. It gives us the ability to hear, see, smile, or laugh. We need to take care of it. We need to all do the best we can to love ourselves enough to treat our bodies right. I haven’t done the best in this area. This is my confession. I don’t eat the most healthy. This is why I plan to make huge adjustments in this area for 2022. I want to cook more. I think cooking sometimes can help us pay more attention to what we are putting in our bodies. Cooking helps us pay more attention to calories, sugar, or sodium intake. I do drink water. I am so proud of myself with my water. I can drink water at any time. This used to not be true. I used to hate water. I encourage everyone to drink enough water. Please keep yourself hydrated. There are organs in our body that work properly when we stay hydrated and drink enough water.

So, this is my goal. My goal is to cook more healthy meals that incorporate vegetables. I don’t like vegetables. Yet, my goal is to find better ways to incorporate it into my diet. What’s your healthy eating goal? Do you have one or are you already on the right track?

I have been checking out vegetarian and vegan dishes. I’m excited to try one vegetarian restaurant in my area to start out January.

Dancing is one of my loves. I wouldn’t exist without dancing. So, I plan to do more with dance in 2022. I have no idea in what way I will incorporate more dance into my life but I will do it. I love the graceful positions with dancing. I’m not talking about learning the latest dance crazes. I’m talking about going back to the basics with the beautiful movements of our bodies. The parts of our bodies we don’t always move. The many shapes we can create by the bending and folding of our legs and arms. I want to explore more of what my body can do.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

More to come in the next post…

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