Farewell, 2021!

I really only have a few things to say about 2021.

First, I want to say I felt blessed to see another year. I AM blessed to have supportive people around me. I have some great family and friends.

I was blessed with a new vehicle this year. It was the highlight of my year. My previous vehicle completely broke down on me. I wasn’t prepared to get a new car, but I’m so glad it all worked out. God is Good!

This year also tested me. It tested me in ways I don’t think I ever been tested. I will just say that. I hope 2022 will be better in this area. I hope others have a better 2022 as well.

I had fun. I laughed a lot. The funniest moment was me hanging out with a friend who introduced me to her friends and they tried to get me to ride a scooter for the first time in my life. My friend was too scared to try the scooter but I wasn’t.

It took me a minute to figure how to maneuver the scooter. I was wearing platform sandals which was probably not the best idea for trying to ride a scooter 🛴 for the first time.

I almost ran into a brick wall downtown. The friend of a friend who was trying to teach me how to ride quickly asked me right before the almost impact if I had ever ridden a skateboard as a kid. He told me it’s like a skateboard.

“No, I never rode a skateboard as a kid”, I yelled behind him because he was so far ahead of me.

Then it happened. I didn’t hurt myself. My hand hit the wall and I was able to steady myself fine. Everyone was worried until I started laughing. It was a fun night.

I was also sad. What is wonderful is that I had a few surprises in the last few weeks that made me feel good again. I’m grateful to two individuals for putting a smile on my face because I needed it. They don’t know how much I needed it but I did. It was a Godwink moment.

Well, on to 2022.

I’m glad this is almost the eve of a new year.

I pray for less panic, less uncertainty, less anxiety…and just more happiness and joy for everyone!


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