Just A Unicorn (Haiku version)

I wanted to share a few of my haiku that are in the Just A Unicorn book. I love poetry and have been writing it since I was about twelve. I was introduced to haiku (a Japanese form of poetry) in college. I fell in love with this form of poetry.

Traditionally, haiku is about nature or the seasons. The style is unique because of the 5-7-5 approach to writing. This means the first line consists of 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables and then the third has 5 syllables as well. It’s a great test for writers of poetry to stay within the 5-7-5 rule, write about the beauty of nature, and still be creative.

I do write traditional haiku in addition to the more contemporary style. I write all types of poetry, but I really enjoy haiku. I picked six of my favorite haiku that are in my first book to reprint for this post.

I try not to share too much of my poetry on my site. This will actually be the last time I will share my poetry on here. I do have books featuring my poetry that you can purchase if interested in more of my work. I have information on my books on the Books and Merchandise page.

A Most Protected Element

sliver of metal
covered my heart like armor 
so no glass shattered

August 5

Read Shakespeare at Noon
Kissed Romeo at midnight
Best Summer Night's Dream
Emotional Abuse #2

Held my breath this time...
True...he said I was ugly
Then tried to drown me
Emotional Abuse #3

Why are you broken?
Doll parts scattered among rooms...
Praying for a heart
Mirrored Image

someone looked like you
same crooked smile...warm brown eyes
best person I knew
As It has Been Said

What a brilliant soul
Twisted, surrounded by pain
Yet...giver of light

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