Peanuts Christmas!

I’m a Peanuts fanatic. My love of the Peanuts comic strip started with Snoopy. When I was growing up I loved the Sunday comics.

Snoopy was so adorable to me. I was just a kid. I didn’t understand the constant existential crisis Charlie Brown was going through just yet.

I was an adult before I learned the characters were 8 years old. I knew they were kids, but I never really thought much about their actual ages. They were 8 years old having the conversations of 8 year olds one minute and then they turned into 25 year olds.

Schulz created kids that were smart, funny, thoughtful, and basically little adults. They questioned the world around them. There were no adults who treated them condescendingly. They ruled their own world.

Peanuts Gang singing Christmas songs

I fell in love over time with the amazing group of kids created by Charles Schulz. The Peanuts gang. These characters were so ahead of their time. I don’t think people understand it.

I started watching A Charlie Brown Christmas as tradition when I was a kid. I still watch it every year. I own the DVD. All of my friends know of my obsession for Peanuts merchandise and buy me new items for my birthdays snd Christmas. I have a nice size collection.

One of my closest friends bought me a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for Christmas about 20 years ago. I still have it. She even called me a few weeks ago to make sure I was putting out on my table again this year. The tree will always have a place on my table for Christmas.

I own the soundtrack to the movie as well. I have the Christmas cd. I listen to it even when it isn’t Christmas.

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition too?

Enjoy the holidays!

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