When A Lone Star Twinkles

I rewatched the musical Hamilton recently. It was my third time watching it on TV. The song that stuck out to me on this third watch was the song with the lines Why do you write like you are running out of time. The song is called “Non-Stop”. The whole song is about how Alexander Hamilton is so busy. His mind is always going. He always has ideas. He can’t stop. He won’t stop. People watch his work in complete awe. They wonder why he does so much. Hamilton works like he is never satisfied and he won’t be around for long.

This song made me think of how a lone star can twinkle. What happens when a lone star twinkles?

Have you ever met a person who is so amazing?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Not perfect.

They are not perfect but they have exhibited talent on another level. You want to see them share their talents with others. You like seeing them happy and smiling.

They are smart, funny, thoughtful, and innovative and you expect they will be around forever.

The thing about life is that it doesn’t last forever. I have seen it for myself. I have seen how a person knows they don’t have alot of time and they pack all of their hopes and dreams in less than two years. They don’t waste time. They don’t waste time because they understand time is not on their side.

They don’t take any of their time for granted at all. They work. They dream. They jump into all the projects they can. They leave a legacy at a young age. You hope to be like them. You hope you can leave the legacy they left. You work hard to carry on their name. You work your hardest to bring joy to all who knew them.

I knew a few lone stars who twinkled. Their lights burned bright and then they went out. I know a few people who left this world way too soon right before Christmas (in different years). I think of them around this time. I cry during this time. I miss their light.

I am reminded of the conversations we had before they left. We had good conversations. We had the kind of conversations that you hold onto forever. They told me to keep going. I watched them lose their light while they still told me to keep going. They were young. They had so much more to do. It hurts more than words. I trust in God. I still trust in God that they completed their mission even if I don’t understand it all.

I’m not writing like I’m running out of time but I do work hard. This past year was the first year in a long time I understood I need a work/life balance. Life shouldn’t be work…work…work. This year taught me I have to open myself up to more. It was the first year in a long time I allowed myself more fun. Adventure. I want to have more adventures. I want to open myself up more. This is the trend I want to continue well into 2022 and beyond.

So…this is what I leave you with for the end of the year. Have adventures. When I think of an adventure I think of just trying something new. An adventure could be a trip to the Caribbean. It can also be skydiving, riding a boat for the first time, snorkeling, swimming for the first time, riding a horse for the first time, participating in a mystery theater show, doing an open mic night as an amateur comedian, or building a canoe. Choose your own adventure (like the books). It is about trying something new. Go ahead and jump!

Enjoy yourself.

Open yourself up to new friendships, relationships, and a number of possibilities. You never know what may happen.

Time is precious.

Note: This is my final actual “message” on the blog for this year.

**Side note: My movie/musical recommendation for the holiday season is tick, tick…Boom! on Netflix. The whole film fits this theme. It is the story of Jonathan Larson who wrote the musical RENT.

Blessings to you all in 2022!

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