The Greatest Gift of All

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I want to conclude this year on a high note. This year was tough. I would almost say 2021 was tougher than 2020 because it was all about learning how to move forward while adjusting to a Pandemic. Many people are just figuring out what tomorrow will bring. I pray and wish 2022 will be way better for everyone than 2020 and 2021. I hope you learned something from your experiences in 2021. I believe we are doing well when we are still learning and thriving despite hardships. Look at yourself as a victor! Because you are! You crossed the hurdle. Exciting times are coming. Stay motivated. Keep a good attitude.


I do have an idea for everyone. If you can. I suggest participating in a project. This is my project for you.

If you have the capability and time – I would suggest finding a moment to get with friends and or family. It would actually be great if you can do both on separate occasions. You can gather with family on one day and friends on another day.

What you want to do is this:

  • Send out invites to a fun gathering. Yes, send invites electronically or in the mail. Get your close family together (or friends). Whatever makes you most comfortable. Just send out invites to your people. I know for some people their friends are their family. I respect that!
  • You can send out invites for everyone to meet at your home, a restaurant, bookstore, or a coffeeshop.
  • Before you gather with everyone – you need to write down two things you really like about each person you invited to this gathering.
  • Write the nice things on fun, colorful postcards, stationary, or notecards. (See the photos below for examples).
  • The point is that (hopefully everyone already knows each other) everyone else can add one extra great thing they like about that person.
  • When it’s all over – everyone should leave with several kind notes/messages for them to remember how special they are to others. Let everyone in your presence know – THEY ARE A GIFT.


Examples of the nice things you can write about someone are:

  • I love your smile
  • You have the best laugh
  • I wish I had the great attitude you have
  • The way you support people inspires me daily
  • Your organizational skills keep me on point!


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