Gratified, Beholden Expression

I wanted to share 10 ideas 💡 for how anyone can give back to their community or just show gratitude for all they have.

1. Set up a charity/donation/fundraiser or give to a charity that you enjoy. For example: you can give to a children’s home, domestic violence shelter, a special church organization, or a community clinic. Also look into nonprofit fundraising.

2. Journaling always reminds me of how blessed I am. I write notes in my planner or phone all the time about all the good that has happened to and for me.

3. Donate books to underserved children. Participate in literacy programs. Volunteer to read at the library to small kids.

4. I know people forget about letters but they are still important. It’s so nice to get a thoughtful letter or card from a friend, family member or significant other. No – texting doesn’t count.

5. Throw a small party and invite all the people who have helped you get to where you are. The real ones. The ones who helped you through the hard times in graduate school or spoke so highly of you that you got your dream job! Tell them “thank you” with a nice charcuterie board of food and cupcakes.

6. Treat your special person out for their favorite activity whether it’s camping, bowling, skating, canoeing, or indoor rock climbing.

7. If you are financially able to do it – pay off a debt for someone. You can pay off the $250 department store credit card or buy the new tires that they have talked about needing.

8. Send flowers or a gift basket 💐 to the door of someone you want to thank!

9. Write a song, poem, comic book, or create a cool book or movie trailer featuring the person you are grateful for.

10. Create a scrapbook with lots of memories you two, or three, or four shared over the years.

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