Updates on my writing…

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

This year has been very difficult. I had a lot of plans for 2021. Unfortunately, some of my plans didn’t happen the way I thought they would happen or didn’t happen at all. I have had to regroup SO many times. I got upset but I have had to turn my attitude around a find my focus again. In the middle of regrouping, I decided I really did want to publish more of my own books. I really did think I was done writing books.

People kept asking me when I was going to write my next book. Every time someone asked me it confused me. I really thought I had made it clear I was done. I said all I wanted to say. I was ready to move on and do some other things. It only took a few months into 2021 before I realized they were right. I was being stubborn.

My new announcement is that I am not done with writing books. I do want to make one part clear – I have a novel coming out (hopefully) in 2022. This really will be my one and only novel. Yes, that’s right. Now, that does not mean I won’t continue to write short stories and poetry. I can’t say yet in what capacity I will continue to distribute my work. I will just say the writing journey will continue.

Please look out for what I have cooking up in 2022-2023. I have a lot of projects in the works. My hope is that those projects will move forward and if they do I will be making announcements on the website. I just ask that you all spread the word about this website, pick up a copy of my first book,Just A Unicorn on Amazon, and then rate or leave a comment on my Amazon book page. The support would be awesome!

Thanks so much!

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