It’s OK to Take A “Me Day”

I think it is so important to take time away from your business schedule/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/friends and just do YOU for a few hours. It’s OK. I’m giving you a permission slip. (Yes, I can do that)! Haha.

It’s sad that it took a Pandemic for more people to take time to just THINK. We all get so caught up in our schedules for work, school, etc. that we forget to EAT (or BREATH). We all are just busy little worker bees.

STOP. Take a minute.

Please take time away from the cooking, laundry, assignments and just pray, meditate, walk, hike, ride a bicycle, skate, inhale/exhale properly, or journal. You deserve it for making it through another day. Another month.

I’m still not sure what manual said we HAD to work, work, work until the day we died. No, we don’t. We shouldn’t. Life is for LIVING! We shouldn’t be WORKING just to LIVE. There is so much more to living than working. Yes, we have to pay our bills. I understand all of that. The part no one talks enough about is that when we pay our bills we can decide what else we want to do. We can control our future. We have more control over our lives than we think we do.

For example, I realize everyone doesn’t make the money they wished they made. I understand that part very well. Yet, the issue is that we have been ‘taught’ to think we NEEDED alot of STUFF that we don’t. That’s the issue. We can live off of alot less than we do. Don’t let consumerism and advertisements for STUFF that won’t matter in two years get you down. Please try your hardest to STOP comparing what you have to what other people have. It’s the worst. Do not play into it.

If you have love and comfort you have more than MANY people.

A “Me Day” can be literally anything. It is what YOU make it. It is all about enjoying something YOU enjoy on YOUR budget. That’s the great part. You don’t have to stress yourself out over it because YOU can afford to do whatever it is because YOU make the decisions. If your “Me Day” is getting your nails done and treating yourself to a nice lunch – GREAT! A “Me Day” for someone else might be hanging out at the bookstore drinking their favorite coffee. I know some people that would actually enjoy building a bookshelf on their “Me Day”. A “Me Day” could be redecorating your bedroom. You wouldn’t even have to buy anything. You could just switch things around – put those pillows in a different spot in the room. A good idea for a “Me Day” could even be taking the dance class you always wanted to take. Your “Me Day” could be going to a free jazz concert in the park because maybe your friends don’t like jazz (so it’s your time to do something you LOVE). It doesn’t matter what your “Me Day” is as long as you do it for YOU. Also, the point is that you do it alone. I think everyone needs alone time whether they think they do or not. I realize some people had ALOT of alone time during the Pandemic but this is different. This will be the ALONE time YOU CREATE and it isn’t mandated by anyone else.

Peace and Blessings!

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