Realizing A Love You Didn’t Know You Had…

I watched many videos and read many articles about how people dealt with their mental health last year. The video that blew me away was the one Anas Bukhash did with Sara Karrit and her son Steve. Anas deserves kudos for the excellent job he did navigating this interview with Sara.

The interview is an hour long and you will have to read subtitles. Sara is originally from Lebanon but now lives in Dubai with her family. I understand this may be a long interview to watch in one sitting for some people. I do encourage watching the whole interview at some point. It really is that good. The whole interview is worthwhile. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Sara has become sort of a star on Instagram and Tik Tok now. She is funny and a great dancer.

She grew to love dance after dealing with postpartum depression. She had her second baby during the Pandemic of last year. The Pandemic was hard on her. She was already dealing with a rough pregnancy and then all the issues that came with the Pandemic further stressed her out. She went into a depression.

Sara had a very difficult birth and her son had many health issues in the early months of his life. He is now a healthy and happy baby. He is featured on her Instagram (IG) page along with her husband and eldest son Steve. Once Sara had her new baby she became very depressed. She called it the “baby blues”. Anas asked if it it was baby blues or postpartum depression (they are two different things). Baby blues is similar but doesn’t last as long as postpartum depression. She tried to insist it was baby blues. Well, the point is that she felt alone in her experience of dealing with the anxiety of having a sick baby even though she had a supportive husband.

Someone suggested to her to check out an African dance class. She said she never thought of herself as a dancer. She tried it anyway and enjoyed it so much. It brought a happiness back into her life that she had been missing since before the Pandemic. I love Sara’s attitude about life. She even has her husband and Steve dancing in her videos. Steve loves all of it. Her choreographs some of his own dances for his friends now.

Please watch this video. I believe you will enjoy it and get a lot out of it. The part I got out of it was learning to try new things and finding a love you didn’t know you had. In Sara’s case, it is her love of dance that has kept her going long after having a difficult pregnancy and birth. She found a great love and shares it with others.

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