It’s The Finale…but then it’s Not…

The Pandemic of 2020 gave me a lot of time to think about my future. I’m like a lot of people who decided that it was the best time to try new things. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to that point until late in the year. It was fine though. It all got better but it did take some time.

One of the best decisions that has come out of this Pandemic is the decision to do one more full-length book. I had zero plans in doing another full-length book until a few months ago. I want to be clear that I keep referring to it as a “full-length book” because I will continue to write. I will have other projects in the works for 2022-2023. Please stayed tuned on this website to get all the updates.

I gave it alot of thought and finally concluded I did have one more book inside of me. I will actually write a novel this time. I have never written a novel. I wrote my first book (nonfiction), poetry, and short stories but no novel. This is the one! This is it!

This novel will be a culmination of all the things I always talk about but it will be in book form. I am one of the biggest advocates of mental health and self-care. I can’t give away too much but the book is about a family. The novel will weave a lot of stories but they will all be connected in their own way. The novel is about finding truth. We all have a different version of our truths. The truth sets you free. I will just say that.

The two main characters are sister and brother and they will tell you all about themselves and their family and friends. The novel WILL deal with very adult situations so I do want to put that TRIGGER WARNING out there. Please note that I am telling you now. This is your warning. The novel will be purely fiction but does feature alot of topics that people deal with everyday. It’s a story of love, humor, pain, and discovery.

Again, this is the finale…but’s it’s not.

My novel will be available sometime in 2022.

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