Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety and Depression

I am not a licensed therapist so I wanted to leave this for the experts. I know SO many people who really struggled with anxiety and depression during this Pandemic. It made me so sad because I learned quickly many people don’t always have the best coping skills for anxiety (and depression) in uncertain times. Many of us (including myself) were not prepared for this VERY unprecedented time in history. Therefore, I want to share some information I learned from experts in the field. I wanted to share some videos and information from two people I know personally (so I trust their information). I hope you get something out of this that can be helpful moving forward. I am big about sharing things that I believe can help people.

HOW TO NAVIGATE COVID-19 by Dr. Kevin Chapman:

Please check information on Danna Delafield, MA –

Information on CBT Treatment:

Dr. Chapman and Danna are also Christian-based therapists which I also love about them.

Peace and Blessings!

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