Don’t Forget About the Lonely

I know last year was especially difficult for people not in relationships or “complicated” situationships. I talked to people who mentioned how lonely it was for them. I don’t think people really do understand how difficult the Pandemic has been for those not in a couple. People can get very lonely when they are stuck inside for long periods of time by themselves. There are a lot of single people. A lot of people live by themselves.

I know some people that prefer in-person company over a phone call or text. This means that not seeing people really affected them in a different way. Everyone you meet is not a “phone” person. A non-phone person is a person who doesn’t really like talking on the phone. I know quite a few people like this. They like to talk in-person or via text. My preference is in-person or over the phone. I like to see people or hear their voices. I prefer this over text. I text people but it’s actually not my preference. I text more than I would like because it is usually the other person’s preference (this is for friendships not relationships). I think if you are in a relationship, talking in- person or over the phone should be the main choice before texting.

Some people leave work to go back to an empty house or apartment. They may not be social butterflies. The only social interactions they have are with coworkers so for many people working remotely was very difficult for them.I just wanted to put this reminder out there because there are still people affected by this. There are people still out there with not a lot of social interactions. They are sad and lonely. Please make sure to reach out to family members, friends, or coworkers in this situation. They will likely be happy to hear from you again. We all need to do better about checking in. Sometimes, we forget that even when we can’t see someone in-person there are many other ways to stay connected if it’s important to us.

Peace and Blessings.

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