Update – Summer Reading Goal 2021

I’m sorry to say I failed my summer reading goal this year. I do have a good reason. I have been very busy working on my final full-length book, living my life like it’s golden with my friends, and attending and selling at book fairs. Promotion is everything. It’s been an interesting summer.

I want to update you all about my final full-length book. I’m not sure when it will be available yet. It is likely it will be Spring 2022.

I will keep you all posted on it. I can tell you that it will be a fictional story about a family. The story will mainly be told from the lens of the two main characters: siblings Eric and Leilani. Eric is 30 and Leilani is 28. The readers will learn more about them, their relationships, their parents, grandparents, and friends. The story will take place over the course of one weekend with the family. The family is coming together that first Saturday in August to celebrate the matriarch’s 75th birthday. Everyone is going to learn something during that weekend.

My hope is that the manuscript is completed in the next two months and then published sometime in Spring 2022. I’m excited about this final book. I want to be clear that I will continue to write. I will continue this blog and plan to have other projects in the works for 2022-2023. I hope all of you who follow this blog will continue to follow me into 2022.

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