Quotables – Video Edition II

I’m back with another selection of videos for you.

Have you heard of all of these songs before? Do you enjoy a certain video? Let me know.

I could never say enough that will explain what this video means to me. I’m emotional.
Such a cool video for its time. Great song too.
I was introduced to them by someone and they actually have some good songs. This song is kind of old now though. Still good. 🙂
This lady is making great music right now. She is one of my favorites.
I don’t understand the hate for Coldplay. They are one of my favorite bands. This video really is “magic” to me.
I have mixed feelings for JT as a ‘personality’, but he has some good music. This is one of his best songs/videos.
This lady is fire! Fire! She makes some of the best videos.
Jack White is too cool for school. This video is FIRE! HIs music is always blazing.
This video was my whole entire life when it first came out! I was a fan of Lauryn but I really also loved the group The Fugees.
Where would I be without this song and this group? I’m serious. I will always be a fan!
Jason Mraz is so underrated. He is so talented. I fell in love with this song/video the first time I saw it. There is a beautiful back story to this song as well. Please look it up.
John Mayer playing Human Nature is the 2nd best version of the song by a musician. Miles Davis’ version is #1. John Mayer killed this performance. There are no other words from me.
This is in my Top 20 favorite songs/videos. That’s all I can. Sade is just one of my favorites. Her concert was hands down the best concert I have been to. By the way, the name of the band is called Sade (and not just the lead singer). The musicians in the band are AWESOME! They are the best musicians I have heard LIVE in years! She even topped Janet Jackson and you know I love Janet.
Alessia Cara is just so good. I first saw her when she opened up for Coldplay at their concert. She is just as good LIVE. I became an instant fan. This video is what I like!!!

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