Mental Health – September/October Preview

Happy Tuesday!

I will be discussing mental health for September/October. I wanted to go ahead and put it out there so you can be prepared for some interesting posts. I specifically waited to cover this broad topic because I wanted to make sure I was ready to say all I wanted to say. It is a tough topic that needs to be discussed more often. The Pandemic has affected a lot of people in different ways so I want to talk about it.

The posts won’t really be about my own situation. I would rather talk about what I know others have struggled with over the past year and a half. What I will share about me is this: it didn’t affect me like you would think. It just made me realize more and more who my real friends were and how much I love my family. All of my real friends still checked in. They were great! The only thing I did miss was taking trips. I wanted to take a big trip last year and it didn’t happen. I didn’t have anything booked, I just had all the plans still in my head. I was about to book everything a week before the Pandemic hit. I was pretty upset for awhile. I was so ready to take a really nice vacation/birthday trip. Well, made me appreciate the other great things in my life. My trip has been put on hold until next year. I don’t even know where I am going. The place I was going to go last year is different than where I want to go now. The Pandemic made me want to really think outside the box. Haha. That’s the biggest thing I can share since the Pandemic. I decided this summer (May-August) I was going to do something new every week (I try to). I try to have a brand new experience each week. I won’t get into the details…but yeah. I have been trying new things and it’s been great.

The idea of trying new things leads me back to mental health. It’s great to try new things. It has helped me so much with my own mental health. Exercise is also great for mental health. Please get out there and have fun this summer! Try a new outside activity: a sport, hiking, roller skating, roller blading, running, or cycling.

Until next time…same bat time…same bat channel.

Side note: November/December …The Theme will be “Thankful”.

The Batman TV series (1966-1968) with Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin. I watched this all the time growing up (obviously the reruns…I wasn’t around in the 1960s).

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