Quotables – Lovely Edition II (Movies)

Lovely Edition has a part II because where would we be without movies? Do you love movie quotes like I do? I’m not always the best at remembering all the quotes, and I don’t even watch many romantic movies. Yet, I think this is just for fun. How many of these do you recognize? Have you seen any of these movies? I placed the names of the films in the captions. Maybe go check one of them out this weekend or next. If you want to share your favorite one – let me know in the comments. If you have an additional one to share, please put it in the comments.

I will share something really personal for a moment. One of my closest friends is a woman who introduced me to many old films. We have been friends for over 20 years. I would have never watched Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or It’s A Wonderful Life if it wasn’t for her. I liked the idea of old films, but never took the time to watch them. She was the one who would make me actually do it. She is the one who came over to my apartment a few days before Christmas one year and we watched It’s A Wonderful Life together. We watched it, ate great snacks, and I cried. I cried because I didn’t know that film would be so perfect. It was exactly what I needed to see at that moment in time. My friend and I loved to share great film and TV shows with one another. This great friend of mine is now blind. I have to watch films now and describe what I see to her. It breaks my heart every time. So, anyway…just go enjoy things. Live in the moment. You never know when things will change.


Note: yes, all of these movies I have actually seen which is why they were specifically picked for this post. If you ever see me create a list then you know it was specially curated for the moment/event/situation/post.

La La Land
Sense & Sensibility
Love Jones
Love Jones pic
The Addams Family movie (1991) pic. No quote attached…I just love these two as these characters. RIP Raul Julia.
As Good As It Gets
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar quote
The Theory of Everything (great film about the life of Stephen Hawking)
The Notebook

The Painted Veil (in my Top 15 favorite films). This movie is just SO good! The film is based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham.
500 Days of Summer. (Note: no point in using any quotes. I would just end up quoting the whole film. It is in my Top 5 favorite films and the second movie I cry watching every single time. I know I’m not a teenager but I still have entertainment crushes and everyone that knows me knows I have had a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt for years.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Before Sunset. (This is literally a beautiful film. Beautiful script. Beautiful cinematography).

The Lobster. This film is crazy amazing with an emphasis on crazy. I loved it.
The Lobster.
Moonrise Kingdom. I just threw this one in here for fun.
Moonrise Kingdom. (Very nice film).
Up (As a note: this is in my Top 5 favorite film of all times). It is one of only three films that make me cry each time I watch it. Can you guess the #1 film?

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