*Quotables – Video Edition

Happy July!

I had a few videos I wanted to share. I thought this was a good time to go ahead and put them here so you all can see it. These videos were specifically chosen because they go along with Quotables – Friendship/Lovely Edition. These videos capture a certain essence and the lyrics are very easy to follow along with. These are the kind of songs you sing when you are in a certain mood. Do you have a video you are attached to and the lyrics just really hit home every time you sing it? This is my Top 16 list (not my top 16 favorite videos ever…but my Top 16 videos that resonate for me in a special way. These videos were specially chosen for their lyrics and the visuals. (Yes, all of these songs really are the songs I listen to on a regular basis).

One of the early music videos I ever saw. It stands in my Top 20 favorite music videos of all time. Enough said.
She is one of my favorite musicians. I saw her in concert and she is ECCENTRIC.AMAZING.CREATIVE.INNOVATIVE. I want to be her but in the literary world.
What else can I say? Peter Gabriel as a musician can do no wrong in m eyes. (I really didn’t mean it to come out that way…but I’m keeping it). Haha.
You can’t get better than a song with Q-Tip and Norah Jones.
I have loved her music since the beginning. Enough said.
This is a Christian rock/pop band. There are four members. They are all family members: There are twin sisters, their brother, and their cousin is the lead singer. They have some really cool music if you are into Christian pop/rock music. There are some great Christian music out there if you give it a chance. (Yes, I’m Christian).
Whenever I watch this video it transports me back to my vacation to Los Angeles. This is a LA Band and their music is very SoCal and I love it. It’s a vibe!
This song and video is Chef’s Kiss.
This is a Fleetwood Mac cover and they did a great job.
This duo (The Civil Wars) broke up several years ago. I am upset with them because they were SO good together (as a singing duo). It’s a shame they didn’t last.
The last video they did together. This is a great song.
I’m not sure how I got into The 1975. They are an interesting British band. I love this song though. They have a few other songs I LOVE too.
This song and video is pretty cool.
My two favorites did a song together – famous rap group (De La Soul) even though you only see one member in the video toward the end. Little Dragon is the group providing the vocals. TOO GOOD! This video is less about the lyrics and more about the OUTSTANDING visuals.
Kelly Rowland. I hate how she doesn’t get her shine outside Beyonce. Beyonce is good…not one of my personal favorites. All the members of the girl group had talent and not just one. That’s all I’m going to say. This video shows she knows how to do her own thing.
FKA Twigs is her own thing. She has no box or category. And that’s why I like her. She also kind of scares me. I don’t like all of her music since I feel like it goes against Christian themes. I understand how some Christians will have something to say about that. Well, I know my relationship with God. I will leave it at that.

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