Oh, the Part About Wildest Dreams!!!

Well, one of my wildest dreams consists of dancing on tables. I’m totally serious. I want to go to a cafe and just hop on a table and dance as if I’m a star from a musical. I don’t want to collect anyone’s money unless they are insistent on giving it to me. I actually want to hop from one table to the next. It’s a dream!

I have so many ‘wildest dreams’. If you have ever seen the Spanish film Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) or the US remake Vanilla Sky, then you will know the components of my mind. I feel like the Tom Cruise character sometimes. The way my mind works no one would ever really know what’s happening with or to me. Many times I feel like I’m on a high but I definitely don’t do drugs. I get ‘high’ off of great energy from the people around me. If the people around me are cool, then I will be cool.

Traveling is something I want to experience more in upcoming years. I love seeing new sights. New places give me so much inspiration for my writing. The search for writing inspiration is always on my mind.

In my wildest dreams I would have so many adventures with one cool person or with a group of my closest friends. We would take all kinds of journeys. I would write about it in my journal. I would take photographs to keep but not post on any social media. I think it’s important to keep some things for yourself.

Have you seen any films that remind you of your wildest dreams? Let me know in the comments!

Keep dreaming. Keep thriving. Keep making adventures to last a lifetime.

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