Perfectionism Doesn’t Live Here

Dreams are hard to explain to people. Sometimes when you tell your friends and family about certain dreams they find you strange. I’m a big believer in holding a lot to the chest. I’m a private person even though it doesn’t seem like it based on my blog and my first book. I rarely discuss my dreams with anyone. I can talk openly about a lot but not my dreams.

Michel Gondry’s work is so amazing to me. His work as a musical video and movie director opened up a whole new world for me. My creativity went through the roof once I understood that there were others who ‘think’ like me and I wasn’t totally insane (this happened much later in life). I truly did believe I was insane as a kid. I was sad a lot as a young child because I never felt like I ‘belonged’ anywhere and no one understood me. My creativity was suppressed often in my early years because many people around me were very conservative (not in the political sense). They were the type of people that would see someone with blue and purple hair and had to let you know they didn’t like the more untraditional hair colors. The type of people who complain often with their “first world problems”. I could never relate to people who were Type A and their perfectionism. The young Lisa wanted to scream shut up to all of them but I always kept my composure.

I was in my 30s before I stopped caring what people thought of me. Yes, it took that long. I slowly started to open up with a new group of people who shared my interests. The biggest relief of my life was to find people who were like little Lisa. The Lisa who still daydreamed before all the re-programming that her thoughts were ‘crazy’, ‘out there’ or just plain ‘bad’. These people had brains programmed like mine. We were no longer ‘crazy’ but ‘imaginative’, ‘ingenious, and/or ‘artistic’.

I’m so grateful to be where I am now in life. I don’t stress myself out over things I can’t control. I don’t complain about things that are silly and not worth complaining over. There is always someone else that would love to switch with you. I only surround myself with positivity. I feed off of it. I have to have it, because otherwise I get down really quickly. What amazes me is how many people I know who have been through some of the most horrific things you can imagine and yet they rarely complain about life. They pick up and keep going. They still smile and are grateful. On the flip side I also know many people who haven’t been through half as much and they are the main ones who can’t stop talking about how life sucks. They have something to say about EVERYTHING! They think everyone needs to know how upset or uncomfortable they are all hours of the day. No, we don’t need to know. Please keep some of it to yourself. Don’t go bringing other people down!

Smiling people get me through my day. Positive energy feeds my soul.

More wildest dream tales coming in the next post. Stay tuned…

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