Any Day Can Be a Celebration!

I will keep this short.

The Pandemic made me realize that we need to stop waiting for ‘special days’ to have fun. Many times we hold out until birthdays, retirement parties, weddings, or anniversaries to celebrate with family and friends. We don’t need to do that anymore. If you just feel like getting a group of friends together to go to a nice restaurant and hang out – just do it! Every extra day we get here on this Earth is a celebration. Enjoy yourself!

Celebrate your friends or family in unique ways. Maybe once a month decide that you and your closest five friends will get together at a different setting and have a beverage or go dancing. Sometimes you have to celebrate just getting through a long week at work.

Have a family day! Family day can be every other month (and not on a holiday). Family day can just be a day for family to get together and catch up. It can be a picnic during summer. It can be a movie night in the fall. It’s important to enjoy the people who cheer you up and provide a shoulder to cry on without a special date being attached to it.

I think theme parties are very cool. Have you ever thought about having a theme party? It would be fun to go to a theme party where everyone is dressed up as characters from a popular classic TV show (e.g., Dallas, Batman, Saved By the Bell, or Fresh Prince of Bel Air). What TV show character would you like to dress up as if you could? (You can pick any show you want). I would dress up as Lisa from Saved By the Bell. 🙂

What character would you dress up as if you could dress up as your favorite cartoon character? Let’s say it would have to be a cartoon character from the 1980s. I would pick Shana Elmsford from Jem and the Holograms. I would love to rock the purple hair! My runner-up pick would be Smurfette. Haha.

Personally, I love the 1970s theme parties because I love the clothes and the music. I was raised on 1970s music and it is my favorite music decade. My next favorite music decade would be 1990s. I have never attended a 1990s theme party so I am waiting on that one.

What about your favorite music decade? Why not have a theme party based on your favorite music decade. Enjoy!

Until next time…

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