Oh, Come What May!

Everyone enjoy this month. It will be fun vibes all month. That’s what I’m telling myself. More cities are starting to open up so there should be more options for activities. I’m honestly not in a hurry to be in large crowds. I love concerts but it will probably be awhile before I want to be that close in proximity to a bunch of people.

I am more excited about outdoor activities with the spring weather. I enjoy walks and hiking in the park. Spring weather is my favorite.

That’s the theme this month – Fun Times! What excites you? What makes you happy?

Music is always at the top for me. I also love to dance. I’m hoping to take a lesson of some sort this month. We will see what happens. In the meantime, I have a list of fun things any of you can try.

Game Nights and Trivia can be a lot of fun whether in person or even via Zoom/Skype. I noticed the most popular games people enjoy is Scattergories, 5 Second Rule, Mafia/Werewolf, Jenga, Family Feud, Name That Tune, Charades, and Taboo. Have any of you participated in a game night recently? What games do you think you could add to the list?

Have you ever created any of your own games? I enjoy taking certain elements from existing games and creating my own. It’s fun and keeps people on their toes. Expect the unexpected.

What other ways do you have fun? Please comment below.

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