Don’t Let Fear Suffocate You!

I drowned in my multitude of fears for many years. I would never want anyone to do what I did. Fear kept me from living the life I deserved to live. It kept me from experiencing joy. I created a list of things I want to accomplish this year and I hope to accomplish them. I’m not sharing my list…but just know that I’m doing fun things and living my life. I want others to do this too. Please don’t let years go by without having experiences because of fear. You don’t want to look back over your life and have regrets.

I have learned a lot of people want to try to new things but are afraid to do it by themselves. I have friends who have spouses who aren’t interested in trying new things. What makes me sad is the person who wants to try new things is denied from doing anything because their spouse makes them feel bad. They believe they are only supposed to do things that both of them want to do. Well, I don’t subscribe to that. I just don’t and never will. It’s OK if your spouse doesn’t want to try new things. What is NOT OK is them denying you the right to have that experience. I see this all the time in marriages. I couldn’t do it. I’m saying this now. I already spent three decades denying myself opportunities – so I’m definitely not going to let someone else do that to me now. I have learned and grown so much! NO. No one is blocking me from anymore blessings, joy, or happiness!

If your spouse isn’t interested in sharing a new experience with you then you get your friends! Dionne Warwick already told you that’s what friends are for (Dionne’s song was a cover of Rod Stewart’s “That’s What Friends Are For” and her version was released in 1985). If you can’t find one friend to do something with you then join a social group or start learning to appreciate your own company. There is nothing sad or pathetic about doing things by yourself sometimes.

The picture below is my pride of 2020. The pandemic hit all of us hard, but I was still determined I was going to get some joy out of the year. I finally had the perfect opportunity to cross this off of my list! I had always wanted to do rock climbing but was afraid. I am afraid of heights. I am still afraid of heights but I fought through it to accomplish this goal. I couldn’t have done it without my friend who was with me. She encouraged me and kept me going. It was wonderful. I almost cried after it was over because I was so proud of myself.

Now it’s your turn. Do something you always wanted to do – and don’t let fear get in the way.

YOU CAN DO IT! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If nothing else motivates you…let these words motivate you.

October 2020.

Until next time…same bat time…same bat station…

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