I’m Not Here to Make You Happy!

Lesson #1 for when you meet someone new. This applies to a new relationship, new friendship, or in a work setting.


Many times we make the mistake of thinking people only exist to serve us. No. No one is here to serve anyone. We are to be of service to EACH OTHER! We are to bond. No one’s job is to make YOU HAPPY! You pour into each other. You give to EACH OTHER! You SUPPORT EACH OTHER!

The brainwashing needs to stop. We need to stop brainwashing people into thinking they need another person to make them happy. If you need another person to make you happy then you need a lot of help. True happiness comes from within. If you are a religious person then you know it comes from a relationship with God. The real point is that another human being is not responsible for making you happy nor are they supposed to because that’s your job! You have to bring your own light. You have to be equipped already with your candle to bring to the table and illuminate the others. Bring your own electricity to the table! When other people experience your energy they will want to be in your world.

This is how we share in our friendships, relationships, and with colleagues. We should want to share our best selves! I give you my best ME and you give me your best YOU! Not perfect. I didn’t say you give your PERFECT you…I just said you give your BEST you. The BEST you will still have flaws and that’s OK. The ones who love you, will love you with all of it. Unconditional love.

I’m against love with conditions. Let’s stop thinking love with conditions is OK. There is no such thing as love with conditions. A person who truly appreciates you understands you are not perfect. You are not a robot. You make mistakes, you have emotions, and you get lazy sometimes.

People need to make it their mission to make themselves happy. Find your own joy that has nothing to do with someone else. Don’t get mad because your partner likes to run in the morning but you don’t. If it makes you happy to get up first thing in the morning to run then just do it. Make it fun for you because it’s what YOU enjoy. It isn’t about your partner in that moment. It is about YOU! You are doing something that fills your cup.

We are all here to enjoy our time on Earth. Let’s do that. Peace and Blessings!

Until next time…

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